maandag 15 augustus 2011

Boot light

As you probably remember, the boot light didn't light up and the mercury tilt switch (the orange thingy) was the culprit.

I found that the Comus AG3011-0 is the right switch for the job. It can handle 1A at 12-24V. Even getting it in place was pretty easy.

But first I got it wrong. If you mount it this way, the light would only go on if you're on a steep incline ;-)

This is the correct way. I've soldered a small copper ring to the end to make better contact with the lamp. The brown spacer is the original one minus the wire in the center. The original spring could also be re-used. Soldering a wire on the rounded side was surprisingly easy. Heat-shrinkable tube is indispensable unless you want to blow a fuse every time you open the boot.

And there it is. It's a shame the housing was damaged a little by the vise and pliers I had to use to open it, but once the lamp is back in place, nobody will notice.

By the way, the light *does* go out when the boot lid is closed, I've checked.

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