dinsdag 5 juli 2011

First "repairs".

When I bought this car I knew a lot of little errors would have to be sorted out. Being an electrician I've started with the electrics.

- First of all, the interiour lighting was missing. When I put in new lamps, they were on continuously. This turned out to be the fault of the right front door lamp switch. The other switches are in an "iffy" state as well so I will try to source four new door switches. Apparently, they aren't available new anymore.

- The dashboard lighting was defective. I've replaced all the lamps as a matter of course, and one of the two fuses that are located behind the instrument panel was defective. Replaced it and everything works like a charm now.

- I found it odd that my voltmeter gave readings between 0 and 14V after the voltage regulator. Out of curiosity I dismantled an old one and it proved to be a bi-metal "on-off" sort of thing so my readings were correct. Still, the oil and water gauges give a very high reading. The regulator apparenlty isn't the problem.

- The auto transmission indicator light was defective. I don't know whether it's still available but I've repaired the holder with a carefully sawn off piece of ball point pen.
Important: both this lamp and the cigar lighter lamp are behind an in-line fuse that's hidden near the steering column!

Finally, a picture of the car in the garage. I love that "long" look....

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